24 March 2012

Victory is not yet ours! By Victoire

Do feminists go too far?

Women have to choose: freedom or servitude!

Women's liberation has been our fight, our revolution!

The mouvement for women's liberation has shown our power!

We have changed the world for the better, but there is still so much to do... Do you think YOU are going to stop us?!

Would you like us to abandon the millions of women whose daily lives are a prison?

Where is the justice in women earning less than men for doing the same job?

Why are women called "Mrs" or "Miss", as if women's status can only determined by the fact of being married or not?

Remember Olympe de Gouges, Emeline Pankhurst, Simone Veil and so many others...

Women, fight for your rights! For your rights, and the rights of your daughters!

Mlle Laure against the feminazi!

Over the last one hundred years, equality between men and women has become more of a reality. Women have won the right to vote in most countries (in 1893 in New-Zealand, in 1920 all over the United States, and in 1944 in France).

But feminists today seem to protest against just about anything; they seem to consider that any and every difference between men and women is discrimination against women...

They dispute the fact that the masculine prevails over the feminin in French grammar... Who cares?! What would it change to xhange a grammar rule? Would men see it as discrimination? We have to create something which both women and men agree on. It all sounds a little ridiculous...

Please explain to me why most women still want men to be courteous to women? Why does a man still have to show respect to a woman if they are supposed to be equal? It seems to be unfair doesn't it? Is this not discrimination against men?!

A recent law condemned the use of the word “Mademoiselle”. But, “Mademoiselle” is not a pejorative word! Personally, I never thought about it before the law was passed! I have never been offended when someone has called me “Miss”! Soon, feminists will ask to delete the forms “Madame” and “Monsieur” because maybe women would be discriminated against for being called “Mrs”! I’m proud to be a woman and I don’t want to be considered as a man because of some stressed-out shrews!

I believe that feminists are paranoid. I agree with them on some points, like unfair salary differences, but that’s not the point: I think that they often go too far. They don’t admit a real and essential fact: men and women are different. How can we accept feminists who want us girls to turn into men?!

Radical? By Mayeul

According to feminist extremists, men are responsible for all of humankind's problems, therefore women have to take over! Not only will they continue to be in charge of the family and their children's education, but women will also take economic and political control of society.

Feminists either denigrate men, or deny the differences between men and women.

They denounce the horrors committed by men throughout history, particularly those carried out against women.

They find biological explanations to confirm that the male is in fact a deviation of the female, a deviation which women should take advantage of...

They also use psychological arguments to demonstrate that females are stronger than males.

Some feminists are fighting for the right to vote or for freedom of mouvement (like in Saudi Arabia), which is legitimate. Others, however, want certain "masculine" words to be wiped out from the language; if this is their only concern, they surely have little left to fight for!

Why was London chosen as host city of the XXXth Olympic Games? By Gael

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are scheduled to take place in London from 27th July to 12th August 2012. London will become the first city to officially host the modern Olympic Games three times, having previously done so in 1908 and in 1948.

London was elected host city by 54 votes whereas Paris received 50 votes. However, the city wasn't originally favorite to organize these Games. On 18th May 2004, the International Olympic Committee announced the cities accepted as candidates, with, as usual, a weighted-average score for each city. Paris was first with 8.5 points, then Madrid with 8.3 points. London only got 7.6 points and was the third city in terms of score.

But london has advantages over its contestants such as sufficient hotels to host athletes and tourists, an adequate transport system, and sophisticated sports facilities.

London's budget is nearly tree times bigger ($15,79 million) than the other contestants' (Paris budget: $6,21 million).

The 116 IOC members chose London in July 2005, convinced London was best able to organize the Olympic Games. Today, when we see how badly hit France is by the economic crisis, they probably made the right choice in the end...

22 March 2012

Olympian cost... By Florent B

It's the third time that London has hosted the Olympics Games. This time, London has decided to make it BIG!
The logo, designed by the Wolff Olins agency, cost £400,000 (about 500,000€). 
The rock group Muse has composed the anthem... Cost? 
Artists like Coldplay and Led Zepplin will play during the opening ceremony... Cheap? 
The budget is £10 billion, and rising... 
Most installations are ready, but the budget will explode, with the cost of security being the principal cause;  the Army will post 7000 soldiers during the Games, security services will be about  £553 million, and £600 million will be spent on police... 
The Mayor of London Boris Johnson does not seem worried at the expense... 
With that kind of dosh being splashed out, let's hope the Olympics Games in London will be THE great event of 2012!

16 March 2012

Dédé drops out...

On 14th March 2012, a journalist from the French Libération newspaper wrote about something out of the common: a bee has abandoned its fight to win the presidential election...

David Derrien a.k.a. “Dédé l’Abeillaud”, former candidate for beekeeping and biodiversity, withdrew on 14th March 2012 because of lack of sponsorship. He gave no instructions to his followers on how they should vote in the first round.

This information shows us that the sponsorship system requires candidates to be serious and to have a real political programme, which is not the case of “Dédé l’Abeillaud”.

The presidential election allows the French to choose the strong man or the strong woman of the Republic that they believe is able to govern the country for 5 years. The function of the President cannot be exercised by just anybody, that is why the sponsorship system is important. I think that a presidential candidacy must not be farcical!

What about you? Do you think Dédé should be allowed to run for President?

12 March 2012

The second Monday of March is Commonwealth Day!



One year on... By Alexandre

This article, written by a BBC website journalist, deals with the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. Everybody remembers this dramatic event...

The Prime Minister and the Emperor were present at the main memorial ceremony in Tokyo. The Japanese will never forget the thousands of dead and missing. A minute of silence was held everywhere in the country and the warning sirens sounded.

Decontamination of the area, destruction of the ruins, and reconstruction will take time. Many people have lost their homes.

To read the article click on this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-17326084

I think that there is a ray of hope for all the victims. Japan is economically well off and Japanese people can look positively to the future.

6 March 2012

Compassion, who needs it?! By Etienne

Compassion is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, a "sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others". But should we have compassion for others? Isn't showing compassion in fact a way of reminding others how inferior/dependent they are?

Compassion only exists because there is no social equality. If there were, I would be able to spend my money on myself rather than on others.

Up to a point, I don't consider the inferiority of others as a bad thing, insofar as it is the necessary condition for my being superior.

Surely, if the strong help the weak, the weak will become stronger and the strong will therefore become less strong? This would lead to a conformist, mediocre, socialistic society, which is unacceptable.

In a talk he gave about compassion, Chade-Meng Tan says that he has been constantly happy since deciding to adopt a compassionate attitude, and he encourages everybody to follow his example. There is something strange about this, as compassion becomes rather more a means of making oneself happy than an essential attidude for helping others... This is also unacceptable.

No, if I were to be compassionate, it would have to be a Nietzschean form of compassion (which is actually just radical Buddhism); I would help those in need in a spontaneous way. However, it is rather difficult to give spontaneously to someone you do not know; I think giving to a charity is a waste of time. In fact, people only give to charity to assuage their guilty conscience. I do not have a guilty conscience because it would make me feel weak...

In the end, I would use some of my dollars to help those I know, sometimes, when I feel it would actually be useful.

3 March 2012

8th March is IWD! Women should rule the world! By Hannah

Women already rule the world in an indirect manner (they are the power behind the throne...), and I’m going to explain why women absolutely should rule the world in a direct manner!

Actually, the reason is quite easy to find: women are simply superior to men, and that, in nearly every domain!

First of all, of course I agree that most men are stronger physically, but today in our civilized country, there is no use for physical strength. And strength really is the only little advantage men have...

There are more women than men in every important country, for example in France or in the USA. Women live much longer. Women are more resistant and can endure more pain: you just need to go into a hospital, where women suffer great pain giving birth, and who is the one who faints? The man, just because he sees a little bit blood and gooee stuff!

Women are also more intelligent: it is proved by scientists that with an equal IQ, a woman is more efficient and works harder and longer. Women can do many things at a time, I don’t think there are many men who can feed a baby with one hand, cook a great meal with the other, chat with a friend, and at the same time plan next week's menu!

Moreover, women are much more responsible and wise: for example, 75 % of the people killed on roads are men, so that would be the end of that stupid prejudice saying that women are bad drivers. And two alcoholics out of three are men.

Women also have more self-control and use their brain to think and not something else. Women are not governed by testosterone and do not have stupid and useless power struggles. Many women are also mothers and would hesitate a little more before sending a country into war. That means that a world ruled by women would be much more peaceful, with less violence, fewer wars, etc.

So, I have proved to you that women are really superior to men and thus, a world ruled by women would simply be much better than it is now.