17 March 2013

WW3? Article by Pierre Laubry

For a few months now, international leaders have been preoccupied by both North Korea’s nuclear power and missile programs. Indeed, after its space rocket launch in January 2013, NK has been actively carrying out nuclear weapons tests: three in February alone. Until now, the only international reaction was UN disapproval.

On March 8th, North Korea threatened to defend its sovereignty by launching pre-emptive nuclear strikes against both the United States and its ally South Korea, claiming that Washington is itself preparing to attack North Korea with nuclear weapons. The United States’ reaction wasn’t long in coming: the Pentagon announced it plans to add 14 interceptors, which can shoot down missiles in flight, to the 30 already in place in California and Alaska. But despite the isolated country's latest fiery rhetoric, analysts say the regime is years away from producing a missile with the capability of reaching continental United States.

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel declared: "The US has missile defenses to protect us from limited ICBM [Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile] attacks… North Korea in particular has recently made advances in its capabilities and has engaged in a series of irresponsible and reckless provocations." The defense secretary said the US would also deploy a radar-tracking station in Japan. When asked about the failure of a test of the interceptors, Mr Hagel said further tests would be carried out this year.

"We have confidence in our system," he said, "and we certainly will not go forward with the addition of the 14 interceptors until we're sure we have the complete confidence we need."
The only worry today is the growing threat of an inter-continental nuclear missile war between Pyongyang and Washington...

15 March 2013


Happy news from Auntie Beeb!
What makes YOU happy?

  1. What is "happiness" according to the information in the links above?
  2. Why has the UN launched an "International Day of Happiness"?
  3. Do you think this UN day necessary, and will it be successful?
  4. How would YOU define "happiness"?
  5. How happy are you?!