28 September 2013

30th September every year is INTERNATIONAL TRANSLATION DAY!

To celebrate INTERNATIONAL TRANSLATION DAY, enjoy translating into English the following text!

L’immense diversité des langues et des dialectes du monde crée des barrières à la communication qui touchent tous les aspects de la vie quotidienne. Les migrations humaines et la mondialisation font ressortir la nécessité d’une communication fluide d’une culture à l’autre. Les traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes professionnels ont un rôle essentiel à jouer à cet égard. Œuvrant parfois dans des conditions difficiles telles que les fluctuations du marché ou les conflits armés, ils poursuivent néanmoins sans relâche leurs efforts visant à surmonter les barrières linguistiques et à rapprocher les gens.

15 September 2013

Can we learn to live in peace?

Click HERE!

To do:
  1. Translate into French the UN Secretary General's 2013 message for International Day of Peace.
  2. Finish the following sentence: "Peace is..." (whilst listening to this music: Lux Aurumque)
  3. Is there peace in YOUR life, family, classroom, town, region?
  4. Have you ever been an eyewitness of violence (describe what happened and how you reacted)? 
  5. Organize a peace education ACTIVITY in your school/work place to mark International Peace Day 2013!
  6. Listen to some of the TED talks by people trying to promote peace in the world: Click HERE!

12 September 2013

12 years on...

On september 11, 2001, nineteen al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial airplanes, intending to strike the World Trade Center in New York City and targets in Washington, D.C. The hijackers deliberately crashed American Airlines Flight 11, carrying 87 passengers and crew, into 1 WTC, the North Tower, and United Airlines Flight 175, carrying 60 passengers and crew, into 2 WTC, the South Tower. The hijackers also deliberately crashed American Airlines Flight 77, carrying 59 passengers and crew, into the Pentagon near Washington, D.C. After learning of the other attacks through cell phone calls, passengers on United Airlines Flight 93, carrying 40 passengers and crew, launched a counter-attack on the hijackers to seize control of the aircraft. As a result of their actions, Flight 93 crashed into an empty field in Somerset County in western Pennsylvania, instead of the hijackers’ intended target, believed to have been the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. In New York City and Washington, D.C., thousands of people evacuated safely. Tragically, nearly 3,000 lives were lost – representing the largest death toll from a hostile attack by a foreign entity on American soil. The attacks triggered immediate rescue and recovery operations at all three sites. In the aftermath, donations of money and supplies poured in and people came from all over the world to volunteer their help. Vigils, memorials, and prayer services were held in New York City, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and all over the world. While the voids in New York City’s lower Manhattan and the destruction at the crash sites are reminders of loss, the outpouring of generosity and assistance in response to the attacks demonstrates the resilience of the human spirit.

The above extract is taken from a document published by the 9/11 Memorial (http://www.911memorial.org/)

Wallet found at Ground Zero...

To do:
Interview someone about where they were and what they were doing on the 9th of September 2001; what is the significance of the event to them and how, according to them, should we commemorate 9/11?

5 September 2013

L'shanah tovah!

In the Jewish calendar, it's the year 5774... Click HERE to find out more!
What do Jews traditionally eat during Rosh Hashana?

  1. What does "Rosh Hashana" mean?
  2. On what days is Rosh Hashana this year?
  3. What does Rosh Hashana commemorate?
  4. What is the traditional Hebrew New Year's greeting?
  5. What and when is Yom Kippur?
  6. What is a synagogue?
  7. What is a shofar?
  8. What "good" and "bad" deeds have YOU done this past year?!