17 September 2014

Teenagers decide their (country's) future?

  1. According to opinion polls, how will young people vote at the referendum on Scottish independence?
  2. Do you think it is a good thing that youth are allowed to take part in the independence referendum?
  3. Would YOU choose YES or NO at the Thursday 18 September referendum?

16 September 2014

21 September every year is International Day of Peace...

  1. What is the UN Secretary General's message for International Day of Peace 2014?
  2. How many conflicts are there in the world and where are they most numerous?
  3. Which conflict worries you the most and why?
  4. What will you and your family and friends do to mark International Day of Peace?
  5. What, for you, is a strong symbol of peace?

Independent Scotland... a republic?

Scottish independence... would it result in "all of us first" ?

> Click HERE to watch "Scotland Yet: a film about independence"!
> What does "commonweal" mean?

22 September is World Car Free Day!

Time Square NYC...

> Wikipedia article on Car-Free Days
> It's European Mobility Week!

  1. How much do you like your family car(s)?!
  2. How often is it used and for what reasons?
  3. List the advantages and inconveniences of a family car.
  4. Could you and the members of your family use alternative means of transport?
  5. Would your family make savings by using public transport rather than a car?

To do:
  1. List the pluses and minuses of your town being permanently car free.
  2. Design a poster to convince your classmates to use their bicycles more often.
  3. Translate into French the following text explaining the advantages of a car free day:
This is an opportunity to reconnect with the city, exploring new neighborhoods, and to take advantage of transportation choices. Going car free will give you the opportunity to join your neighbors from all over the city who are signing up to leave their cars at home and travel to work by train, bus, bicycle, walking, roller-blading, etc.

> new words & phrases
> facts & figures!

11 September 2014


To do:
  1. Describe in detail the photo above (the man and his surroundings as well as the tattoo) and give it a title.
  2. Describe your feelings when looking at this picture (would the feelings of an American be the same as yours do you think?).
  3. List questions you would like to put to the photographer about the photo he has taken.
  4. Imagine the internal monologue of the tattooed man in the situation above.
  5. Ask someone who remembers 9/11 where they were, with whom, and what they were doing at the time they heard the news of the terrorist attacks on NYC and Washington.
  6. Send a short "comment" to this blog post stating what you think of the 9/11 MEMORIAL.

3 September 2014

Who, regarding Ukraine, has accused the West of being "weak" and "decadent" ?

Questions/to do:
  1. Describe the painting and give it a possible title.
  2. What was the artist’s purpose in painting this work do you think?
  3. How does it illustrate the title of this post?
  4. Where is Ukraine (list its neighbors)?
  5. When did the political crisis in Ukraine start and why?
  6. What is “the West”?
  7. Define “weak” and “decadent”.
  8. What is John McCaine’s job?
  9. Is he Democrat or Republican?
  10. How influential is John McCaine?
  11. Define what “Putin’s Orwellian universe” means, as mentioned by McCaine on his website.
  12. What does McCaine feel should be done about Ukraine?
  13. Could McCaine have accused the West of being “weak” and “decadent”?
  14. What is NATO?
  15. Who is the Secretary General of NATO and what does he do?
  16. Could the Secretary General of NATO have accused the West of being “weak” and “decadent”?
  17. According to his personal website, what kind of person is Vladimir Putin?
  18. Could Putin have accused the West of being “weak” and “decadent”?
  19. Who did accuse the West of being “weak” and “decadent”?
  20. Do you share the Ukrainian ambassador’s opinion on the West’s attitude to events in his country?